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I love haircare

Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be complicated

Actually, all it takes is a few simple steps.


This website was created as a space to share professional advice on hair care for anyone that’s looking for beautiful, healthy hair that’s easy to maintain.

Whether you already know a lot about hair, or whether you’re a complete noob, there’s always more to discover.

It’s time to replace your WTF's with Wash, Treat, and Finish.

Wash Treat Finish

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Washing your hair is an essential step in beginning a proper hair ritual. Unfortunately, very few people have been taught how to wash their hair properly. The phrase “washing your hair” is technically wrong from the start — when we wash our hair with shampoo, we’re actually cleaning our scalp more than we are our hair.


To learn why this is, and how to wash your hair like a professional, click here.

After you wash your hair with shampoo, the natural protective layer of your hair (called your “hair cuticles”) begins to open up. By applying a personal treatment to your hair after you wash it, the right ingredients are then absorbed by your hair before the hair cuticles close back up again, giving you naturally healthy and shiny hair.


To find out which treatment is right for your hair type, click here.

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Finishing a haircut should be quick and easy, but that’s not always the case. Maybe your hair lacks volume, but every time you try to use a blowdryer, it falls flat again after an hour. . . or maybe your hair is curly but you just can't seem to fight the frizz without losing your hair’s natural shape. Regardless of your hair type, the first two steps of the hair ritual — washing and treating — will help set you up for success when it comes to styling your hair.


Click here for some tips on how to easily finish your hair at home.

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Reach out now by clicking here and ask that one thing that's been bugging you for so long about hair...

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The idea for this website began when a young woman came into our salon and told me that she read somewhere online that she should apply conditioner before shampooing. That's the moment I realized that to help sort through all of the misinformation out there, I would try to do my part by compiling all the basic hair care tips and tricks I know into one place for others to benefit from, just like the hundreds of people I’ve given advice to in real life...

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