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Thank you for making it this far and wanting to get to know the face behind How to Care for Hair. My name is Loreen, and after I embarked on a 9 month cruise adventure as a barber specialist when I was 20, I’ve now worked as a professional hairstylist at one of the most innovative hair salons in Belgium - Nelson Hairteam - for the past 8 years. During this time, I’ve become more and more passionate about one thing in particular: leaving each and every one of my clients with a genuine smile on their face after our time together. 


Throughout my journey as a hairstylist, I discovered that the true key to beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair is not just about the cut or color you have. The true secret actually lies in the small details that for us hairdressers seem like second nature, but are often overlooked by our clients. As hairdressers, we often assume that everyone knows these tiny details that make a world of a difference for your hair, but the truth is, not everyone does.



This website is a place where you can find each of these small details that will change the way you think about your daily hair care routine, and give you the incredible results you’ve been looking for. 


Along with all the basic steps to obtaining beautiful, healthy hair on this site, I’ve also created a blog - Tips & Tricks - where I will be writing articles about frequently asked questions, including everything from what coloring your hair does to where you should buy your shampoo and hair treatment to how to avoid  hair loss, and more. 


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This whole website was made possible thanks to my sister, who helped me write the Dutch version, a friend from overseas who edited the English version, a childhood friend who has become an awesome photographer who took the pictures for this website, and my dad who is helping me with the site building.


There are no sponsors involved in the creation of this site, and it operates completely free of charge as a non-profit.

"The idea for this website began when a young woman came into our salon and told me that she read somewhere online that she should apply conditioner before shampooing. That's the moment I realized that to help sort through all of the misinformation out there, I would try to do my part by compiling all the basic hair care tips and tricks I know into one place for others to benefit from, just like the hundreds of people I’ve given advice to in real life."

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